Fidelity to and adaptation of evidence-based interventions in the social work literature: A scoping review

Författare: Helena Strehlenert, Emma Hedberg Rundgren, My Sjunnestrand, Henna Hasson - Kategori: Vetenskapliga publikationer - Årtal: 2023

Anpassning av evidensbaserade interventioner

Using evidence-based interventions (EBIs) is one way to achieve good-quality social services. Adaptations of and efforts to maintain fidelity to EBIs are common. However, research addressing these issues is published across multiple journals. This scoping review aims to explore how fidelity to and adaptations of EBIs are described in the social work literature.

We searched for peer-reviewed, English language articles addressing EBIs in social work journals in five databases. Data were extracted and analysed to address the aim of the study. Qualitative content analysis was used to analyse items containing more extensive information. The searches yielded 2,949 articles. The results of 236 articles are presented. Almost fifty different terms were found describing adaptations, and the variety of terms describing fidelity was significantly smaller. Various measures to achieve and/or assess fidelity were identified.

The framework for reporting adaptations and modifications-expanded was used to categorise information about adaptations. Most adaptations concerned modifications of content and were planned rather than unplanned.

Thirty-eight frameworks for implementation of EBIs were identified, and fourteen dealt with fidelity and adaptations. Fidelity and adaptations are increasingly in focus in social work studies. This review contributes to increased knowledge about how fidelity and adaptations have been described in the social work literature.

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Publicerad: 25 augusti, 2023

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