Stockholm Gerontology Research Center

The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center foundation was founded in 1986 by the Stockholm Region (formerly Stockholm County Council) and the City of Stockholm, who also appoint the foundation’s board.

Our mission is to increase information about older adults’ living conditions, health, ill health, and medical and social care needs. The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center conducts analyses and produces decision-making data that address questions about older adults’ needs and society’s ability to meet these needs.

Another important part of our mission is to create the prerequisites for the use of knowledge. We do this via research circles, networks, and courses for managers and personnel in health and social care.

Researchers from the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, and social work, as well as investigators and development managers with extensive experience in the field of aging, work at the center. The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center also collaborates closely with Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.

Since its establishment in 1986, the Stockholm Gerontology Research Center has carried out commissions on behalf of its parent bodies (the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm County Council), the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, The National Board of Health and Welfare, and Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is led by a board of directors appointed by the county council and the City of Stockholm as well the Agency for Health and Social Care of Greater Stockholm. There is also a research and development council with executives from parent bodies and representatives of the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation (PRO) and the Swedish Association for Senior Citizens (SPF Seniorerna).

The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care

The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is responsible for the part of the national longitudinal research study SNAC (Swedish National Study on Aging and Care) that is conducted in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. SNAC aims to increase knowledge on aging and health trends and provide a better basis for developing preventive measures and eldercare.

The magazine Äldre i Centrum

The Stockholm Gerontology Research Center publishes Äldre i Centrum (Elderly in Focus), a national magazine that provides information on current aging research. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the research community, the practitioners and the public.

Close cooperation

Stockholm Gerontology Research Center has a long-standing cooperation with the Aging Research Center (ARC), whose parent bodies are Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, and the Swedish Dementia Centre. Until late spring 2018, the three organisations shared premises in The House of Aging Research, which functioned as a platform for close collaboration on issues of older adults and aging. From June 2018, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center and the Swedish Dementia Centre share premises in central Stockholm, while the Aging Research Center (ARC) moved to Karolinska Institutet nearby.