Presentations from the TDAR Closing conference


Invitation to TDAR Closing conference, Stockholm, september 9, 2015 (pdf)


Context analysis report: Partner Country Profiles (pdf)

Context analysis report: Summary of findings (pdf)

Arbetsam reference wordlist (pdf) 


Trends, demands and skills needed inthe Stockholm region (pdf)
Ylva Disheden, County Administrative Board of Stockholm

Demographic changes and future recruitment needs - challenges for the City of Stockholm (pdf)
Clara Lindblom, chairman of Stockholm Gerontology Research Center and elderly mayor in the City of Stockholm 

TDAR - The European Perspective (pdf)
Carina Hammar, Swedish Council for Higher Education

TDAR - Spreading knowledge and awareness of new approaches in workplace learning (pdf)
Kerstin Sjösvärd, project leader, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center

Piloting TDAR: language advocates and language diversity - the case of the Basque Country (pdf)
Nereba Peña, director of studies, Nazaret Zentroa, San Sebastian

Intercultural training, reflective discussion, language advocates. Dealing with intercultural challanges (pdf)
Florian Frommeld, Interculture d.e., Germany

ArbetSam in Belgium: a mission impossible?! (pdf)
Jesse Verschuren, UC Leuven Limburg, Belgium

Dissemination of Language Advocate Training (pdf)
Zenita Cider, Health and Social Care College 

Learning from each other (pdf)
Karin Sandwall, National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language (NC)

About results in England and evaluation of the TDAR-project (pdf)
Alexander Braddell, OSEC, United Kingdom 

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